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Security You Design

Integrate Security STRATEGIES Effectively

Physical Security

Manned Guarding-

More commonly termed, security guards, security operators, security personnel.

Ronin will place trained and licensed physical security at a clients location(s) in which the client dictates what they need and expect from the security personnel. 

What is CPTED ?

Natural Security

(CPTED) Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design-

A proactive element of security services that Ronin designated assessors can consult clients on.

CPTED is crime prevention theory focusing on tactical design and the effective use of the built environment, which when applied, reduces both crime and the fear of crime. A main objective of CPTED is to reduce/remove the opportunity for crime to occur in an environment, and promote positive interaction with the space by normal users. CPTED is a preventative, pro-active model, and not a reactive one. 

The benefits are optimized when the strategy is applied in the earliest possible stage of a design process, before integral decisions are made. CPTED should not always operate alone as a sole crime prevention method; instead, Natural Security should work in partnership with the other security strategies, Physical and Mechanical.

Mechanical Security-

Video Surveillance-

Properties face unique challenges… from fire watch requirements, downed security alarm systems, to unwanted or abnormal users on site. Intruders and trespassers will loiter, harass, vandalize, and commit crime at any time! When fire or security alarm systems are compromised or not enough, a dedicated trained professional can secure you. Ronin provides personnel that can monitor CCTV or implement other surveillance techniques to alert, deter, and report unwanted incidents.

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