Physical Security

Ronin Security Guards have been making big steps towards advancing professionalism and skill in the industry. Thanks to the training personnel at the Terraguard Training Academy, a single guard averages forty hours between classroom training, paper exam, objective response, practical application, and on site training. Not everyone passes…

our services

Cannabis Security

Although new to servicing the cannabis industry, we continue to develop solutions for our clients to keep their assets safe

Retail Security

Clothing and Grocery stores are our favorite! We continue to lead the industry in retail security with licensed and trained armed and unarmed guards

Hi-Rise Security

The many duties of guards securing hi-rise buildings can not be over looked. We provide the proper personnel and ongoing site training to ensure safety and high level performance

Event Security

We help you plan and consult for events while also providing well trained personnel for roving units, gate access control, inspection, medical, and other positions required for large events

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Patrol Security

Our first permanently marked patrol vehicle just began its first route but we are not strangers to the concept. Reach out to get set up with our patrol stops

Executive Protection

Business Executives, Politicians, Attorneys, Judges, and Law Enforcement welcome

Transport in an armored vehicle with the highest credentialed and best trained personnel available

(We do not service athletes or entertainers)

Hotel Security

Class and customer service plus skilled security professional is what you deserve

Loss Prevention

Being a leader in retail security means having the skill set to serve all needs. When requested, our guards receive advanced loss prevention training that can be instituted when applicable and approved by you  

Property Security

 Large or small, inside or outside, and in any weather, our guards are prepared to secure your property and assets  

Firewatch Security

Should you experience lack of security alarm systems, or fire alarm systems for any reason, we have teams on stand by to monitor your assets in place of the system

Parking Lot Security

Planning an event or share parking space with someone that is? Secure your parking with attentive vigilant guards

Museum Security

Whether you require one or several guards, museums require excellent social and perceptive individuals that we can provide

our expertise

Extensive Training

Kyle Lambert, training manager, leads the Terraguard Training Academy team. Personnel spend much more time training at the academy, than what competitors offer. Advanced courses for continued education and furthering their career are also offered

Management Team

Ronin's management team consists of relentless perfectionists. This is a defining factor in the excellence of staff management

Focused Resources

All revenue is focused on the improvement of staff and their tools. Ronin makes their own uniforms for guards, orders specific gear, invests in state of the art training programs, high end equipment, pays staff for training, and offers unmatched amenities

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