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Why should I hire any security services at all?

Hiring a security service is not only the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your employees and customers, it also provides diligent eyes and ears to observe and report on the activity of your business.

Our services allow Business Owners, Event Organizers, and other clients to focus on their immediate priorities, without having to waste time, energy, or resources on tedious day to day hassles.

Upgrade your service to an Armed status to exponentially increase the visual deterrence and immediate response in case of life-threatening emergency.

What type of technology does Ronin use?
Ronin combines groundbreaking new scheduling, reporting, and tracking systems that ensures unmatched Guard Management and Client Communication, with a 24hr Centralized Dispatch Department that ensures an immediate response to any questions or concerns from our guards, clients, and public citizens.
What type of equipment is used by Ronin Security guards?
Unarmed Ronin Guards are trained to utilize verbal judo, verbal de-escalation, and evacuation tactics as their primary tool in the face of any altercation.

In addition to the training listed above, Armed Ronin Guards utilize the standard equipment: OC Spray, Handcuffs & Firearm, accompanied with a small flashlight.

Why does my business need security patrols if there are already local police in the area?
Security Patrols provide a route for Business Owners, Event Organizers, and other Clients to create a service that is completely customized to the particular needs and issues of any contract.

Ronin Security Patrols take pride in providing unmatched response times to any call or report, resulting in mitigated loss, expedited deterrence, and efficient reporting for all clientele.

My business already has an electronic security system- why do I need more security?
Ronin Asset Protection offers surveillance services and immediate response to help bring any Electronic Security System full circle, with priority attention on stopping the problems before they happen, instead of waiting until an incident has already occurred.
What is the training process like?
Ronin Asset Protection exceeds all Municipal, State, and Federal guidelines in content, length, and rate of refreshment of our in-house Training Curriculum, which includes but is not limited to: Company Orientation, Unarmed Guard Introduction, De-Escalation, Use-Of-Force Policies, BLS & First Aid, Ethics & Conduct, Armed Guard Introduction, Basics of a Firearm, Firearm Safety, Marksmanship Fundamentals, Report Writing, with qualifications in OCAT, PATH, PPBT, & PPCT.
Can anyone get hired at Ronin Security?

Ronin Asset Protection is an Equal Opportunity Employer that seeks to provide Career Opportunities by meeting our recruits and community where they are, prioritizing cultivation and training to bolster and sculpt any individual that desires to pursue a profession in Private Security.