Welcome, Ronin

We are Warriors, Veterans, and Skilled individuals who seek to serve.
Like the sword for hire, those that choose Ronin services can expect discipline, integrity, and skilled professionalism.

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Ronin Asset Protection was founded in Pueblo, Colorado in 2017. In the years since we have grown to 400 employees and over 60 client contracts across 4 states.

Through this growth Ronin remains committed to providing our clients with first class service in line with our values of discipline, integrity, and skilled professionalism.

What makes Ronin Stand out from our competitors? We are local. We get small business, because we are small business. We understand the desire and need for safety and security with in your community, because we are your community. We pride ourselves on being personable and available to our clients at any time through our 24/7 dispatch.


Let Us Secure Your Assets


Physical Security

Ronin Security Guards have been making big steps towards advancing professionalism and skill in the industry. Thanks to the training personnel at the Terraguard Training Academy, a single guard averages forty hours between classroom training, paper exam, objective response, practical application, and on site training.
Not everyone passes.